May 11, 2008


The Shiviti is a Jewish art form that is based on the verse from Tehilim: "I equate G-D before me at all times."(Psalms 17 verse 8). It functions as an aid for meditation or contemplation.

The studio is a place of action - not always a place intended for prayer. We wanted to bring prayer into the studio and to maintain our awareness that we are singing to G-D, not to the microphone, the technician or the producer. Thus, we brought to the studio a Shiviti created by Reb Zalman who is the spiritual Zeide of many of us.

In this Shiviti, G-D's name Y-H-W-H is written downward as a reflection of the human silhouette.

In Kabbala, these four letters parallel the archetypical order of father, mother, son and daughter. The upper Yod represents Chochma, and is associated with the archetype of the father. The upper Hey is associated with Bina which represents the mother. The vav is The Holy Blessed One and the lower Hey represents the Shekhina.

We had not noticed until yesterday that metaphorically we represent these four faces. Father Zechariah sits in Chochma. He is the mind behind this project. Reb Ruth sits in the position of Bina. She is the translator and mediator between everybody making sure they eat and rest and know their role.

Yoel and Daphna, the young artists, sit for the Holy Blessed One and Shekhina. They express themselves through their creativity - writing the music, playing their instruments and singing.

BTW, without planning it, we have found perfect balance between the two of them. The disc includes 8 tracks written by Daphna and an equal number written by Yoel.

Yesterday, we consciously and humorously accepted upon ourselves these roles and painted the Shiviti together. Each one painted their letter and its corresponding background.

And here it the Shiviti in it's place in the Studio!

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