May 22, 2008

Leo Goes to Mexico and his Brother Abe Doron Snaps us to Ireland

The Doron brothers:
Leo - the studio owner and our recording technician always surprises us by his ability to stay calm. Studio life is full of tensions. Musicians are late, failed recordings have to be repeated. There are disagreements . . . yet somehow in the midst of it all he manages to keep a smile.
However, even Leo needs a break. One day, Leo packed his bags and went to visit the family in Mexico. It happened just as we were looking for a percussionist for our Asher Lo Hayam - the Caribbean-style children's song, and for our beloved reggae Anan Vaarafel. A few days before he left, we learned that Leo’s brother is the famous percussionist Abe Doron. Well, we thought, maybe Abe can do the job. But then Leo left and we had no phone no for Abe. We surfed the web and found him on myspace, on Utube , you name it – fully featured but not a single phone number!
Eventually, we located the missing brother who was busy establishing a percussion music school. Abe is well known worldwide as an percussionist, no less then an ex-Riverdance player! After we finished working on the two songs we planned for him to drum we begged him to play the bodhrán for us. Watch this!

After this delightful tutorial we could not resist! We asked Abe on the spot to add a bodhrán to our "Irish" Shameava Vatismach Zion. Our own Father Zachariah, who, in his previous incarnation had been an Irish fiddler, barely agreed to arrange this song as if it was truly Irish. His main complaint was that traditional Irish tunes are written in a different key. We would hear nothing of that and we stayed on Zachariah's case until he gave up and wrote an amazing Irish fiddle solo piece for this tune. And now we were going to "Irish" it even more by adding the bodhrán.
Here Abe is playing over Zecharie’s recorded solo piece. However, Zechariah is not happy… Apparently Abe was playing in a modern style, to go with our wrong key, I guess!

And then Zechariah asked Abe to play the bodhrán the old way. Listen to him describe his wishes to Abe. When Abe finally came up with “Old-style” drumming Zechariah relaxed – this is it, this is the real thing!!

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