Jun 1, 2008

The children of Nava-Tehila

Anyone who has set foot in our community at Kabbalat Shabbat knows that our children have adopted the chant Asher lo Hayam as their own. Every time we sing this verse, they serve as the Chazaniyot/Chazanim. When they sing everybody melts!

We decided to maintain the child-like spirit of this track. We arranged it in a way that makes it sound like a group of children and women singing on a beach . . . perhaps somewhere in the Caribbean.

One afternoon, a group of boys and girls who are part of our minyan gathered at Reb Ruth's home. We all enjoyed hearing them sing! The five year olds Amalyah, Abigail and Itamar joined in the fun, but decided they are not ready yet for recording.

Here is the Nava-Tehila’s children choir with Daphna: Uriel Gan-Sinclair, Mira Sayks, Avital Kagan and Avital Meir.

The entire childrens' recording lasted only one hour!!! We have to admit that adults’ recordings take much longer.

In this clip Zechariah and the children are listening to one of the tracks. I thought they were dancing for fun but Avital enlightened me to the fact that they were actually listening to off-key moments and point at each other saying: "You are off . . .

This track was just for fun. After we finished the recording Daphna went into the studio and sang with the children. Then, they all went out for pizza. They were sad that it had ended so fast!

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