Apr 15, 2008

What’s a “Guide”?

The guide is like an initial stitch or a pencil sketch that you erase when the final product is ready. It is an initial recording of lesser quality that follows the outline of a track. Accompanying musicians, like the drummer, base player, or other musicians can listen to it on their headset while they play and record their parts.

As a first step, we recorded Yoel playing the basic chords of every track.

At the second stage, we recorded simple singing over the chords. I shot this brief video from the technician room that is separated by a double glass from the wood-lined studio. Daphna is singing the song “Shaamea Vatismach Zion.” Yoel is pointing to the right place on the notes using a Yad. You can also see Father Zechariah's image, in which he seems to be conducting and singing with her, reflected in the glass.

This one is a line from “Hod Ve-hadar.” Ruth's image is reflected in the glass, which tells you its nighttime.

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